Change City

Go Web : Go Digital.

"We have created Go Web because we believe Digital World is a better place to live in"

Our Vision

To create a Digital World by removing barriers through innovations in technology for a better , empowered and convenient life style and to produce next generation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the process.

Our Mission

To bring a wide variety of business and services on a single digital platform by providing free IT infrastructure and state of the art technology.

Why Us?

We are pioneers in the field of engineering and technology who love to face challenges and solve problems every day. We hold over 70 patents and some of them have already made breakthrough in industry.

Some of our achievements include:

  1. First to discover lowest density fluid ever found in nature.
  2. First to build the laptop package. This revolutionized the computer industry around the globe in 1990s.
  3. First to develop point to point Interconnect also called as “Quick Path Interconnect”. Today all multi-chip/multi-core computer architecture is based on that point to point design.
  4. Developed atomic scale, multilayer thin films to relate magnetic, mechanical and thermoelectric properties of thin films to crystallographic and morphological structures. Atomically thin multilayers have since enabled many industries and have been extensively used in recoding industry.
  5. IEEE Fellow award in the year 2000 for contribution in the field of engineering and technology.
  6. Filed 9 patents during 2014-2015.

We have proven capabilities not only in creating new technologies but also in developing an existing technology for the betterment of people. We also have world class experience to handle failures and tackle unavoidable circumstances.

Where we see ourselves in next 5-10 years?

In next five years we expect to reach all major parts of the world. We see ourselves as an integral part of daily life and a remarkable platform for new social , technical and business minds across the globe.